Task Force Admiral vol.1: American Carrier Battles

What is this game about?

The year is 1942. The US Navy and the Pacific Fleet wake up from the trauma of Pearl Harbor with a thirst for payback. Will you be the tip of the spear, follow in the steps of historical figures such as Frank Fletcher, Raymond Spruance or William Halsey, and avenge the Day of Infamy by going for the throat of the Imperial Navy? On the other hand, will your efforts fail miserably in the face of the seemingly unstoppable might of the Japanese Combined Fleet and its Carrier strike force, the famed Kido Butai?

Task Force Admiral Vol.1: American Carrier Battles lets you revisit WW2 naval combat in the Pacific as the Flag Officer in charge of a powerful American Carrier Task Force. Lead your men from the midst of the action, in the most realistic and advanced 3D tactical naval command simulation ever created!

Fight your way through the Coral Sea, Midway, Guadalcanal and other epochal battles and places, living through the woes of war as described by the Greatest Generation.

Experience and assess in a full 3D environment the seminal struggles of 1942, which eventually defined and forged the US Navy carriers into the indomitable force they have become today.

Building our own dream

We are a bunch of average gamers, just like you. For many years we have waited for the next new 3D WW2 naval wargame that would come and find a spot next to Carriers at War, Great Naval Battles, Task Force 1942 or Fighting Steel in our hearts.

Time went by. One decade, two decades passed by and we patiently waited for someone else to come up with something…

We got older, but none the bitter. At a certain point, if you want something done, it is best to do it yourself. As such, when 2018 came around we finally decided to channel our expectations and our hopes into our own project and give our inspiration a go.

And here we are a few months later, with this game of ours slowly taking shape. Eventually, we expect Task Force Admiral to answer our hopes and our needs. But hopefully, if we are lucky and talented enough, it might even answer yours in the process… Fingers crossed!

Task Force Admiral Vol.1: American Carrier Battles in a Nutshell

TitleTask Force Admiral
Volume titleVolume 1: American Carrier Battles
DeveloperDrydock Dreams Games
Genre    WW2 Carrier Wargame & Simulation hybrid (Command Simulation)
In development since2018
Release date When it’s done (and by that we mean well done)
Platform  Windows PC (for now)
Number of playersSingle Player ; PvE and PvP multiplayer to be added in future volumes
Game modesSingle scenarios (30 to 40+), Quick scenario generator, Full scenario builder
FunctionalitiesCommand post-based first-person perspective, Scripted and dynamic battle events, Pausable realtime, Savegames, Post-battle replay player
Target audienceWar history amateurs, Air/Naval Wargamers, PTO geeks, Ship & Warbirds lovers like ourselves
Comparable titles
(carrier combat)
Carrier Strike, Carriers at War, 1942: Pacific Air War‘s Carrier Battles, Naval Campaigns: Midway
Comparable titles
(surface combat)
Great Naval Battles series, Task Force 1942, Fighting Steel, Naval Campaigns series, Rule the Waves
Comparable titles (command leadership simulations)Radio Commander, Radio General, Burden of Command, Command Ops series
Might also appeal
to the fans of titles such as
Command: Modern Air/Naval Ops, Cold Waters, Battlestations series, Pacific Storm series, World of Warships, War Thunder, Navy Field series, Victory at Sea series, Atlantic Fleet, P.T.O.

For more about Task Force Admiral Vol.1: American Carrier Battles, click on one of these following links and join us in our adventure! You can also get in touch through our contact page. Welcome aboard and enjoy your cruise!

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