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Main game features
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Rebuilding on the ruins of the Pacific Fleet, stricken to its heart in its moorings at Pearl Harbor, become the spearhead of the carrier arm and lead its carrier task forces in their legendary fight against all odds. Will you emulate history and follow in the steps of Frank Fletcher, Raymond Spruance, William Halsey and Thomas Kinkaid? Or will you fail miserably against the seemingly unstoppable might of the Japanese carrier force, the fearsome Kido Butai?

As the admiral in charge at the tactical level, pioneer the age and the use of carrier warfare. Assume the mantle of retribution in an innovative game, in the first title of a new series that will redefine the World War 2 naval combat genre. Forget about the limitations of the past in this deep, rich and yet intuitive simulation of what carrier command felt like!

Main Game Features

Task Force Admiral Volume 1: American Carrier Battles will focus on a single-player experience recreating the US Navy carrier operations throughout 1942. According to our development roadmap, the following main features are to be expected on release.

  • Re-live historically-accurate World War 2 naval action like in no other game before: face the uncertainty of naval command with the most accurate simulation to date. Fight in an era when communications were not reliable, reports not accurate, intel ill-analyzed and the enemy unpredictable. For the first time in a computer game, live the stress of not knowing how your attack went, or if your flyboys are even coming back. Take your decisions as an admiral, not as an all-knowing wizard.
  • Plan your battle in an innovative way: give orders and follow the enemy’s movements using a classy and dynamic battle map, that recreates the charm of an old naval chart and mixes it with modern technology, morphing into the actual 3D world. Our top of the line tech and interface will provide you with all the built-in functionalities one should expect from a modern wargame with stalwart production standards.
  • Experience first-hand the sound and fury of battle around you: thanks to a careful reconstitution of combat sounds, chatter and special effects in a living, dynamic 3D world, you will not escape the fortunes and woes of your decisions. Embrace the tension and the heated action from your command post, a fully interactive recreation of an admiral’s Flag Plot.
  • Command men, not pawns: interact directly with your staff, go over their reports, answer their requests and their doubts, communicate with your headquarters and other allied forces, debrief aircrews… It is not a game simply about moving lifeless counters around a map. Your staff is made of human beings, they make mistakes, they exaggerate claims, they get tired. You are not an omniscient ship accountant, pushing papers and spreadsheets: it is not a game of pure numbers and statistics, it is first and foremost a game of guts and bets.
  • A hectic, authentic & event-driven experience of command: authentic scripted and random events affecting your intel and your forces will come and disrupt your plans like they historically did. Dozens of references and hundreds of hours reading and researching the topic guarantee that being a computer admiral will never have felt so real.
  • 91 ship classes and 42 aircraft types from both sides painstakingly recreated in detailed 3D are yours to command or to battle against in the most impressive, diverse and accurate air-naval collection ever assembled in a wargame or combat simulation title.
  • An accurate portrayal of carrier air operations: manage the task force air ops, schedule the launching and recovering sequences, set up the patrols and search patterns, assign the Combat Air Patrol, your flight’s waypoints, loadouts and doctrine. Witness the wonders of the deck-management AI as it skillfully rotates your planes from and to the hangar, re-spots the flight deck and set your plans in motion, carefully sticking to your schedule.
  • Realistic weather and environment will make command even more of a challenge. Ally or foe, weather will have the central role it historically played during actual combat. You will learn to take into account the direction of the wind during air operations, as your carriers will be required to sail into the wind to launch and recover their planes. Jump from a rain squall to another so that clouds might hide you in plain sight during an enemy air attack – but watch out, the AI will use cloud cover to its full advantage too!
  • Command surface forces and face the challenges of three-dimensional warfare: as the Task Force admiral, you are also in charge of the escorting forces screening your carriers. Feel free to order them around and seek surface engagement when needed, while enjoying the most accurate depiction of realistic 3D WW2 surface combat on computer to date. Advanced ballistics, damage control, communications, tactics and anti-submarine operations all feature in this detailed recreation of naval warfare.
  • More than 30 single scenarios, from Wake island to Guadalcanal, from the cold waters of the Doolittle raid to the warm tropics of the Coral Sea will challenge your wits in authentic recreations of carefully researched historical encounters, variants and completely hypothetical and yet realistic operations.
  • Looking for a tailor-made challenge? Our realism options are fully adjustable, and you might customize the game to your liking. Play Task Force Admiral as a hardcore simulation or as a regular Real Time Strategy title, it’s all up to your preferences.
  • Countless authentic camouflages schemes and dynamic markings will improve the immersion factor. Every squadron is provided with its own historical paint scheme, and each aircraft is accurately identified by its own number. As a testimony to the memory of the valorous crews who flew these planes, expect each scenario to have its pilot roster recreated to the extent of available research and knowledge.
  • A dynamic, punchy orchestral soundtrack that will follow the mood and the action will make your game experience epic like no other wargame ever attempted before. Production values run high in our game, and you can be sure that we spare no expense at making our art look good and our atmosphere sound fine.
  • A built-in quick battle generator will allow you to create custom, semi-random and random single-battle experiences in a matter of a few minutes, allowing you to put your tactics and your skills to the test thanks to its high replayability.
  • Freely make new scenarios yourself: do you want to recreate your own battles, all the way up to the events and the narration? Head for the full editor instead, where you will have all the tools we used to create our original scenarios.

Ship classes featured in the game
(each with its 3D model & historical camos)

United States Navy & Allies (44 ship classes)

Lead ShipType Variants & subclasses featured in the game
Lexington (CV-2)CV – Fleet Carrier Lex 1941, Lex 1942, Sara 1941, Sara 1942
Yorktown (CV-5) CV – Fleet Carrier Yorktown 41, Big E 1941, Big E 10/42, Hornet
Wasp (CV-7)CV – Fleet Carrier 1942
Long Island (CVE-1)CVE – Escort Carrier 1942
Sangamon (CVE-26)CVE – Escort Carrier 1942
North Carolina (BB-55)BB – Battleship NoCal 08/42, NoCal 11/42, Washington 11/42
South Dakota (BB-57) BB – Battleship SoDak 42, Indiana 42
Pensacola (CA-24)CA – Heavy Cruiser 1941, 1942 refit
Northampton (CA-26) CA – Heavy Cruiser 1941, 1942 refit, Flagship mod
Portland (CA-33)CA – Heavy Cruiser 1941, 1942 refit
Astoria (CA-34)CA – Heavy Cruiser 1941, 1942 refit, Subclasses & Flagship mods
Kent (County)CA – Heavy Cruiser 1942
Omaha (CL-4)CL – Light Cruiser 1941
Brooklyn (CL-40)CL – Light Cruiser 1941, 1942, St-Louis, Helena
Atlanta (CL-51)CL – Light Cruiser 1942
Cleveland (CL-55)CL – Light Cruiser 1942
LeanderCL – Light Cruiser 1942, Modified Leander 1942
Caldwell (DD-69) DD – Destroyer Manley APD variant
Wickes (DD-75) DD – Destroyer APD, DMS, AVD variants
Clemson (DD-186)DD – Destroyer APD, DMS, AVD variants
Farragut (DD-348)DD – Destroyer 1941, 1942 refit
Porter (DD-356)DD – Destroyer 1941, 1942 refit
Mahan (DD-364)DD – Destroyer 1941, 1942 refit
Dunlap (DD-384)DD – Destroyer 1941, 1942 refit
Benham (DD-397)DD – Destroyer 1941, 1942 refit
Bagley (DD-386)DD – Destroyer 1941, 1942 refit
Gridley (DD-380)DD – Destroyer 1941, 1942 refit
Sims (DD-409)DD – Destroyer 1941, 1942 refit
Gleaves (Livermore)(DD-423)DD – Destroyer 1941, 1942 refit
Benson (DD-421)DD – Destroyer 1941, 1942 refit
Fletcher (DD-445)DD – Destroyer 1942
S class SS – Submarine 1942
Cachalot SS – Submarine 1942
Porpoise SS – Submarine 1942
Narwhal SS – Submarine 1942
Gato SS – Submarine 1942
Elco PT – Torpedo Boat 1942
Cimarron AO – Fleet Oiler 1942
T2 Tanker TK – Tanker 1942
C3 Cargo AK – Cargo 1942
C2 Cargo AK – Cargo 1942
Liberty AK – Cargo 1942, AP variant
Fleet Tug AUX – Auxiliary Based on Vireo
LCVP barge LCI – Landing Craft Otherwise known as Higgins Boat

Imperial Japanese Navy (47 ship classes)

Lead ShipType Variants & subclasses featured in the game
Akagi CV – Fleet Carrier1941
Kaga CV – Fleet Carrier1941
Soryu CV – Fleet Carrier1941
Hiryu CV – Fleet Carrier1941
Shokaku CV – Fleet Carrier1941, 1942
Ryujo CVL – Light Carrier1941
Zuiho CVL – Light Carrier1941
Junyo CVL – Light Carrier1942
Kongo BB – BattleshipKongo, Haruna, Hiei, Kirishima pagoda variants
Nagato BB – Battleship1941
Yamato BB – Battleship1941
Furutaka CA – Heavy Cruiser1941
Aoba CA – Heavy Cruiser1941
Myoko CA – Heavy Cruiser1941
Takao CA – Heavy Cruiser1941
Mogami CA – Heavy Cruiser1941
Tone CA – Heavy Cruiser1941
Tenryu CL – Light Cruiser1941
Sendai CL – Light Cruiser1941
Kuma CL – Light Cruiser1941
Nagara CL – Light Cruiser1941
Yubari CL – Light Cruiser1941
Katori CL – Light Cruiser1941
Minekaze DD – Destroyer1941, 1942 refit
Kamikaze DD – Destroyer1941, 1942 refit
Mutsuki DD – Destroyer1941, 1942 refit
Fubuki DD – Destroyer1942
Akatsuki DD – Destroyer1942
Hatsuharu DD – Destroyer1941
Shiratsuyu DD – Destroyer1941
Asashio DD – Destroyer1942
Kagero DD – Destroyer1942
Yugumo DD – Destroyer1942
Akizuki DD – Destroyer1942
Chitose CS – Seaplane Carrier1941
Nisshin CS – Seaplane Carrier1941
Generic Large SS SS – Submarine Based on Kaidai type
Generic small SS SS – Submarine Based on Ro-100 type
Armed trawler PB – Patrol Boat Based on Doolittle raid pickets
Generic large Seaplane tender AV – Seaplane TenderBased on Kamikawa Maru
Generic large Minelayer ML – Minelayer Based on Okinoshima
Generic large Fleet oiler AO – Fleet Oiler Based on Notoro
Generic small Cargo AK – CargoBased on Toso type (Hagoromo Maru)
Generic medium Cargo AK – CargoBased on Yusen N type (Yokohama Maru)
Generic large AK AK – CargoBased on Std-A Cargo type
Generic Auxiliary AUX – AuxiliaryGeneric hull for specialized Auxiliaries
Daihatsu barge LSI – Landing Craft

Aircraft types featured in the game
(each with its 3D model & historical camos & markings)

United States & Allies (24 aircraft types)

USN: United States Navy
USMC: United States Marine Corps
USAAF: United States Army Air Forces
RAAF: Royal Australian Air Force
RNZAF: Royal New-Zealand Air Force

Name Type Service
F2A-3 Buffalo Carrier Fighter USN
F4F-3A Wildcat Carrier Fighter USN/USMC
F4F-3 Wildcat Carrier Fighter USN/USMC
F4F-4 Wildcat Carrier Fighter USN/USMC
F4F-7 Wildcat Carrier Recon USN
SB2U Vindicator Carrier Bomber USN/USMC
SBD-2 Dauntless Carrier Bomber USN/USMC
SBD-3 Dauntless Carrier Bomber USN/USMC
TBD-1 Devastator Carrier Torpedo Bomber USN
TBF-1 Avenger Carrier Torpedo Bomber USN/USMC
SOC Seagull Observation Seaplane USN
OS2U Kingfisher Observation Seaplane USN
PBY-5 Catalina Patrol Seaplane USN/RAAF
PBY-5A Catalina Patrol Seaplane USN/RAAF
Hudson Patrol Plane RAAF/RNZAF
P-38F Lightning Fighter USAAF
P-39D Airacobra Fighter USAAF
P-400 Airacobra Fighter USAAF
P-40E Warhawk Fighter USAAF/RAAF
A-20 Havoc Medium Bomber USAAF
B-25B Mitchell Medium Bomber USAAF
B-26A Marauder Medium Bomber USAAF
B-17E Fortress Heavy Bomber USAAF
C-47/R4D Skytrain Transport USAAF/USMC

Japan (18 aircraft types)

IJN: Imperial Japanese Navy
IJA: Imperial Japanese Army

Name Type Service
A5M4 Type 96 Carrier Fighter (Claude) Carrier Fighter IJN
A6M2 Model 21 Type 0 Carrier Fighter (Zeke/Zero) Carrier Fighter IJN
A6M3 Model 32 Type 0 Fighter (Hamp) Fighter IJN
D3A1 Type 99 Carrier Bomber (Val) Carrier Bomber IJN
D3A2 Type 99 Carrier Bomber (Val) Carrier Bomber IJN
D4Y1-C Type 2 Recon Aircraft Model 11 (Judy) Carrier Recon IJN
B5N1 Type 97 Carrier Attack Aircraft (Kate) Carrier Torpedo Bomber IJN
B5N2 Type 97 Carrier Attack Aircraft (Kate) Carrier Torpedo Bomber IJN
A6M2-N Type 2 Seaplane Fighter (Rufe) Seaplane Fighter IJN
E7K2 Type 94 Reconnaissance Seaplane (Alf) Recon Seaplane IJN
E8N2 Type 95 Reconnaissance Seaplane (Dave) Recon Seaplane IJN
E13A1 Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane (Jake) Recon Seaplane IJN
F1M2 Type 0 Observation Seaplane (Pete) Observation Seaplane IJN
H6K4 Type 97 Flying Boat (Mavis) Patrol Seaplane IJN
H8K1 Type 2 Flying Boat (Emily) Patrol Seaplane IJN
G3M2 Model 22 Type 96 Attack Bomber (Nell) Medium Bomber IJN
G4M1 Model 11 Type 1 Attack Bomber (Betty) Medium Bomber IJN
Ki-46 II Type 100 Command Reconnaissance Aircraft (Dinah) Recon IJA

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